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Digital Strategy Lead generation campaign




Travelstart is Africa’s leading Online travel agency. Travelstart Tanzania got in touch with 78inc to discuss the underutilization of their Online booking platform/portal.
We conceptualized a 100% digital campaign to run for a period of three months across Tanzania.; The Travelbug. Details of the campaign were as follows;
5 digital bugs were created that would periodically appear over digital screens across the country and on two influencer instagram accounts. Each bug came with a QR code and each code held a special discounted % for airfare to any destination of your choice. These varied from 20% off local flights and up to 100% free flights on International travel.
In order to redeem your discounted fare, the catch was that you need to complete your booking through the online portal. the results were phenomenal and we were able to create a buzz country wide as everyone jumped on this hunt for these bugs and their special prizes.
Travelstart were to repeat the same campaign the following year, however unfortunately due to Covid-19 the company had to shut down and no longer exists.

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    Digital Strategy

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    travel agency

  • Published

    Jan 2019 - Jan 2020

We chose to work we 78 Inc, as they showed a clear understanding of the challenges we were facing in converting our website visitors into website buyers. The concept they came up with was great, as it actively engaged users directly on our website as well as through our social media channels. By connecting the campaign with well known influencers, our brand in the local market gained credibility and of course more awareness in a demographic that is tough to reach. Overall, the campaign was a big success and taught us as a company the value of choosing the correct team to run with when looking to do something new and exciting, and also that if you want to reach the market in Tanzania, then you 100% have to go with a Tanzanian company to achieve any success. Thanks Reena, Aashiq and the team for your great service and attention to detail throughout.

Mr. Adam Tewson, Travelstart