From Chaos to Creativity in Agency Life

Agency life? We’ll be honest with you, it’s not always perfect but it’s worth it! So, what is it really like working in advertising?

Agencies bring together a wide variety of skills together. They need managers, writers, designers, strategists, animators, etc. This, paired with the complexity of client communications and constant deadlines gives agencies a notorious reputation.

Most people working at agencies are versatile with a wide skill set, which only grows with their time spent in the agency. What's probably most exciting about working at an agency is the creative and laid-back approach to work and company culture.

No matter what product you are marketing and no matter how mundane it is, you will always find a way to connect with their audiences and see the magic behind your work. Not to mention, the marketing world is constantly evolving, keeping marketers on their toes all the time! There are new trends, platforms, channels, algorithms, etc.

No 2 days are the same at an agency. It takes a lot of customer service, dedication, time management, and well, transferable skill!