GEE Sausage

Client: GEE Sausage.

Industry: Food Production.

Concept: Re-Branding, Sales Strategy and Go-To-Market Strategy


Author: 78 Inc.

Publish Date: September 2021.


GEE Sausage is a food production brand based in Tanzania. Gee Sausage approached 78Inc for Re-Branding and GTM Strategy.

Previously known as Orimeats, GEE Sausage is a Tanzanian based manufacturer of Sausage and other Meat Products. GEE Sausage distributes their products across the country and takes pride in providing quality beef and chicken (grain and grass fed) locally at an affordable rate with reliable and consistent delivery. GEE having split from their international entity, were looking to become an independent company fully owned and operational in Tanzania. Therefore, they approached 78inc consulting for re-branding and a digital campaign to introduce their new brand in the Tanzanian Market.

Due to the market share, the company already had an informal market in the country. The 78inc team decided to undertake a wise approach of retaining the look and the shape of the previous logo, so as to avoid losing the already existing client base. For the new concept, the team not only adopted a similar color palette but also limited the new brand name to only one syllable for easy remembrance.

Old Logo Concept

New Logo Concept

T78inc explored creative names and logo concepts, before settling for the name GEE Sausage. It can be noticed in the new logo concept that the negative space has been efficiently used to replicate the shape of a sausage.

Considering the re-branding process, GEE needed a new slogan. The slogan chosen by the team was “Ya Kwetu” which can be translated to “ours”. Taking into account, GEE is amongst the few local producers of several meat products, it was important to highlight this as their unique selling point for their brand. The brand underwent its transition mostly Online and had the value add of increased sales channel by lieu of e-commerce platform on-boarding their side.

GEE had also tasked 78inc with corporate photography, print items and packaging designs. 78inc provided sales strategy services to GEE; In a short period of 6 months, the team was not only able to increase GEE’s sales channels from 2 to 4 channels but also, managed to increase the brands revenue by 120%.

Consequently, 78inc team began implementing sausage characters techniques across all marketing platforms for GEE. The characters focused on telling stories whilst also making it fun for the audiences.

Whilst managing the social media platforms for the client, 78inc undertook a giveaway campaign. In the giveaway, 78inc promoted a GEE sausage week hunt. 10 lucky winners would find a ticket inside their sausage packets enabling them to claim a FREE packet of GEE sausage. 

This post was amongst a strategy planned to promote the newly launched brand; the post also became the most liked image on the profile accumulating a total of 1,381 likes on Instagram. Furthermore, 78inc also implemented posts in Swahili, so as to have a variety in posts.

GEE sausage witnessed a great change on their social platforms engagement after handing it over to 78inc. Facebook accumulated a total of 250 page views, 1,100 page likes, 1,100 followers and 11,000 page reach on average per month. The GEE Instagram witnessed 1700 impressions, 1500 account reach and 100 actions taken monthly on average. On Twitter, GEE would receive an average of 400 impressions monthly. Meanwhile, Google was also recording a sum of analytics, monthly GEE witnessed a total of 150 searches out of which 50% were looking for GEE directly, and the remaining 50% were searching for similar brands/products.

The team at GEE sausage were happy to see the progress made on their social platforms over the 3 months. Mr Gerry, owner of GEE had this to say about the services:

We at the GEE team are grateful and happy to have been introduced to the 78inc team, Aashiq and Reena being our contact throughout the journey from our transition of our brand. They are well experienced to say the least, their passion in the marketing industry is at the highest level of professionalism. It was always fun working with them and the team of 78inc.

Gerry Calavrias, GEE Sausage

Due to budgetary constraints, we did not renew our contract with GEE however we had prepared them with ample content to carry out their social media schedules and they have been consistently on-brand in their Online engagement with customers.

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