Flashnet Tanzania.

Client: Flashnet Tanzania.

Industry: Information Technology.

Concept: Re-branding and Marketing Initiation.

URL: https://flashnet.co.tz/

Author: 78Inc.

Publish Date: Septmber 2021.


Flashnet Tanzania is an IT solutions and an ISP across Tanzania. In 2020, Flashnet reached out to 78inc requesting a brand repositioning.

Flashnet Tanzania was birthed in 2011 aspiring to provide superior, reliable and effective IT solutions across Tanzania. With a vision to become a preferred IT solutions partner to SMB, SME and enterprises, Flashnet successfully registered as a licensed International Service Provider (ISP) supplying customers with all their connectivity and productivity needs. Providing Internet connectivity, VPNs, MLPS, network security, cloud hosting to productivity tools and much more.

The objectives presented by the client were mainly to re-brand Flashnet, establish marketing initiatives and generate leads. The brief required 78inc to maintain the color palette as well as the brand name, but to innovate the brand; giving it a slightly more modern edge.

To begin with, 78inc first explored logo concepts with a “flash” in it, portraying speed (fast). The first thinking was to use a lighting icon to depict a flash, which was similar to what they had before. However, the concept felt overused and so it was replaced with the concept of fast forward a.k.a flash forward. We adapted the forward-facing play sign to signify that with flashnet, you would ‘fast forward to the future

Old Logo Concept

New Logo Concept

Considering the slogan depicts the speed at which the company provides their products, customer services, innovation and forward-thinking, the team at 78inc began implementing all the brand elements from; stationery, collateral items, print items, website design, company profiles, internal office branding, corporate photography and commemorated the new brand identity with a launch event comprising their existing and potential customers.

After the launch of the re-brand in July 2020, a positive impact was observed across the social platforms, the posts on Facebook managed to reach a total of 21,543 users, Videos posted received 2,718 views and a total of 1,020 page clicks were recorded that month. 14 posts were made on Instagram crossing 14,000 impressions. The website searches also increased by 309% while the visits increased by 383%.

Flashnet was delighted to see the work 78inc put for their brand, the re-branding concept and brand identity was beyond their expectation. Benedict affirmed that working with 78inc was ideal for Flashnet and that they enjoyed working with us.

78inc played a pivotal role in re-branding Flashnet as an MSP in 2020. The concept they generated was very meaningful to our line of Business. Aashiq and Reena have been very cooperative and helpful to achieve the desired results. The re-branding gave a great impact on our team and it also helps us to place our brand more visible to prospects. 78inc is an amazing team and we loved working with them.

Vinayan Benedict, Flashnet

In September 2020, Flashnet settled on an executive decision to have an in-house media administrator who currently ministers their substance and deals with their web-based media stages. We have since teamed up on a couple of outside projects together and still have an exceptionally solid working relationship.

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