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Re-Branding and Sales Strategy GEE Sausage

Client: GEE Sausage. Industry: Food Production. Concept: Re-Branding, Sales Strategy and Go-To-Market Strategy URL: https://www.gee.co.tz/ Author: 78 Inc. Publish Date: September 2021. GEE Sausage is a food production brand based in Tanzania. Gee Sausage approached 78Inc for Re-Branding and GTM Strategy. Previously known as Orimeats, GEE Sausage is a Tanzanian based manufacturer of Sausage and other Meat Products. GEE […]

Lead Generation Campaign-Travelstart Tanzania.

Client: Travelstart Tanzania Limited. Industry: Travel and Online Booking. Concept: Brand Awareness, Website Traffic and Generate leads. URL: https://www.travelstart.co.tz/ Author: 78 Inc Team. Publish Date: September 2021.   Travelstart is Africa’s leading Online travel agency. Travelstart Tanzania got in touch with 78inc to discuss the underutilization of their Online booking platform/portal. Travelstart is based in cape […]

Rebrand and Launch Event-Flashnet Tanzania.

Client: Flashnet Tanzania. Industry: Information Technology. Concept: Re-branding and Marketing Initiation. URL: https://flashnet.co.tz/ Author: 78Inc. Publish Date: Septmber 2021.   Flashnet Tanzania is an IT solutions and an ISP across Tanzania. In 2020, Flashnet reached out to 78inc requesting a brand repositioning. Flashnet Tanzania was birthed in 2011 aspiring to provide superior, reliable and effective IT solutions […]