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Re-Branding & GTM Strategy




GEE Sausage is a food production brand based in Tanzania. Gee Sausage approached 78Inc for Re-Branding and GTM Strategy.
Previously known as Orimeats, GEE Sausage is a Tanzanian based manufacturer of Sausage and other Meat Products. GEE Sausage distributes their products across the country and takes pride in providing quality beef and chicken (grain and grass fed) locally at an affordable rate with reliable and consistent delivery. GEE having split from their international entity, were looking to become an independent company fully owned and operational in Tanzania. Therefore, they approached 78inc consulting for re-branding and a digital campaign to introduce their new brand in the Tanzanian Market.
Due to the market share, the company already had an informal market in the country. The 78inc team decided to undertake a wise approach of retaining the look and the shape of the previous logo, so as to avoid losing the already existing client base. For the new concept, the team not only adopted a similar color palette but also limited the new brand name to only one syllable for easy remembrance.
The team at GEE sausage were happy to see the progress made on their social platforms over the 3 months. Mr Gerry, owner of GEE had this to say about the services:

  • Service

    Re-Branding and GTM Strategy

  • Industry

    food production

  • Published

    September 2021

We at the GEE team are grateful and happy to have been introduced to the 78inc team, Aashiq and Reena being our contact throughout the journey from our transition of our brand. They are well experienced to say the least, there passion in the marketing industry is at the highest level of professionalism. It was always fun working with them and the team of 78inc.

Gerry Calavrias, GEE Sausage