Let's Talk Influencer Marketing

Somebody you know is using an ‘Influencer’ to increase their business reach and it’s working out great for them – will it also work for your business?

Influencer marketing is a fantastic opportunity for increasing brand awareness and finding loyal customers, especially if you want to do multiple campaigns with the same influencer. That way, the audience will be exposed to your product or service multiple times and will see that the influencer is loyal to your company.

To determine whether influencer marketing is the right choice for your company, you should determine your goals, learn where your audience is, establish your budget and select the right sort of Influencer to compliment your business and objectives.

Choosing your Influencer - Anyone with a significant number of followers qualifies as an Influencer. Most influencers dominate a particular platform and this could vary from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or most recently even TikTok.

Types of Influencers
*Mega Influencer – 100+ million followers
*Macro Influencer – 500k-900k followers
*Micro Influencer – 1k-100k followers

Influencer marketing does not necessarily work for every business, however should you choose to work
with one we advise on the following;

1. Review the influencers engagement and metrics to have a better understanding on the levels of engagement you will receive.
2. Look for influencers who are relevant to your brand. For example, if your brand is a cooking product, it would make most sense to team up with a reputable chef.

3. Get a feel of their public perception. An influencer with a notorious reputation may misrepresent your brand and generate negative press.

4. Communication is key and this flows across into selecting your Influencer as well. Before you commit contractually, ask questions about previous campaigns and how they went. Based off of their response, you will gain insight into how the selected Influencer may gel with your brand.

It is vital to maintain a bigger perspective when selecting an influencer and If you fail to execute the above or would just prefer someone else to go through the vetting process for you, drop by 78inc